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The Mission of the shroud is a non-profit organization which purpose is to assist people spiritually with their daily lives respecting everyone’s belief, faith, origin or gender.

It was founded with the intent of helping anyone without discrimination and without cost.  The Mission of the Shroud is oriented towards respect for the human being and intends to maintain its status as described here above and all for the purpose of a better society. 

As an independent, non-profit organization, the Mission of the Shroud receives no government funding but relies only on the personal donations from people seeking help or those attending conferences where more details of the mission’s purpose are given to the people seeking such.  Donations received cover the costs of rent, utilities, distribution of materials (CD’s, DVD’s, articles), website fees.  However, the Mission has no employees.  Everyone here is a volunteer and gives freely of their time without salaries.

The Mission of the Shroud is also involved in photographic research within the fibers of the Holy Shroud of Turin.  The doctrine of the Mission is faith and love and will not discriminate against anyone in any way, shape, or form.  The Mission of the Shroud has directors to guide its functioning in accordance with the laws of the land and will not involve itself in disputes pertaining to religions, belief and orientations.  Love and respect is the foundation of the Mission for all people without exception.

The Mission of the Shroud offers through its guidance to those in need, a family environment where they may come at any time without specific appointment or limits of time.  The Mission of the Shroud involves Africans, White, First Nation and Asian peoples.  All are working as one people.  Leadership is the heart of all.  And all positions within, are and will remain in rotations.  Even the décor is to suit any race and denomination.  We remind you that the purpose is love and respect.

The work of the Spirit is alive, and this is true.  The Mission of the Shroud was and is always guided by the Spirit and not just through one person.  Whatever happens to one of us when we listen to the Spirit, we are all guided to continue the forever flowing of love that moves from one heart to another, until all are changed and Heaven has returned to earth as it always was and forever should be.

The work of the Mission of the Shroud is a continuation of the love begun by our founder, Roger Poisson.  He told us so often that we are the Mission, all of us when we commit ourselves fully to the work of the Spirit and to continue the Will of God until all are reached by love.

Let’s all continue on forever that love into each other’s hearts until all hearts are changed, even those who we think have hearts of stone.  Let us, guided by the spirit, carve out the heart like digging for gold until it shines brighter than the sun and then there shall be no more darkness in the world; for the darkness is only there by the shadow we cast upon each other by our not loving one another.  Let’s remove ourselves from being in front of one another and learn to work together, side by side.  Then there shall be no more shadows cast upon anyone, for all will be equal.

Our home (here at the Mission) and the Mission website are open for visitors, phone calls, emails and letters at any time.  And we will continue to share new articles, audio and video clips and words of wisdom and much more of the work of the Spirit here for His family, the whole world.



  • The Mission of the Shroud107 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB
  • Our ChapelWe have a replica of the Shroud of Turin for viewing
  • A Place of PeaceNeed a quiet place to reflect, pray or meditate? We open the door to anyone searching.
  • Spiritual Guidance & CounsellingIn need of some help, someone to listen, and healing? We offer this to all!
  • Our PamphletPrint out our pamphlet and share it with others
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107 rue Marion, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 0T2, Canada


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